Drop a Class

The last day to drop a full year or semester 1 class without penalty of WP or WF on your report card is Friday, September 30. 2016 
To drop a class you need to submit a drop form, signed by a parent and the teacher, to your counselor.  You must also still have six classes in your schedule after the drop (seniors must have five).
 To drop a class during the first five weeks of the semester,  click here to download the required form.  (Use this form until September 30th)
To drop a class after the first five weeks of the semester,  click here to download the required form. (Use this form after September 30th)

*Semester 2 classes can be changed until the 5th day of semester 2.  Once semester 2 begins a drop date will be established (approximately 5 weeks into the course).