We are the #ReedLMC Team!

Mrs. Ledina & Oscar

Future Ready Librarian badge
Hi! My name is Mrs. Ledina, and I am the Library Media Specialist at Reed Intermediate School.

After doing my undergraduate work at Cornell, I worked in many types of professions, including major league baseball (Go Atlanta Braves!), cable news (CNN), advertising, and web site development... Being a Media Specialist is my absolute favorite profession, because kids with questions are simply the best!

I love to read, sing and play the piano, play tennis, and ski, and my favorite places to be are at the beach or in the mountains... as long as my family is nearby, I'm a happy camper.  :) 

I live in Newtown with my husband, two children (Ethan and Anika), two cats (Gretel and Arya), and two dogs (Emily and Oscar), and have always wanted to teach here... 

In addition to being the cutest dog ever, Oscar is an Exceptional Sidekick Service Dog, and he will be with me at school every day starting on Monday, 3/12. When you see him with me (he goes where I go!), here's what you should do: 

1. If he is wearing his denim and yellow jacket, please ignore him - pretend he is invisible, he is working!  And no, I won't take off his vest so you can pet him, so don't even ask...
2. If you see him and he is NOT wearing his jacket, you may ask if you can pet him.   

It's that simple. If you have questions, feel free to ask - I am, above all, a librarian and a teacher (okay, a mom and a wife too, but you know what I mean!).     

Reed Intermediate School is a great place to work, learn and explore, and I look forward to spending time with you, and challenging you to become great thinkers and learners!  With that, I'll see you soon - look forward to exciting times and a wonderful journey in our LMC!

                                                                                                                    <3 Mrs. Ledina

p.s.  If you have a question about Library/Media (or a Media-related topic), please don't hesitate to contact me and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours... thank you!

Mrs. Beier

Mrs. Beier pic
We are so lucky to have Mrs. Beier as our Library Clerk - she is the smartest, sweetest, kindest, person we could have hoped for at the ReedLMC!  She and her husband live here in Newtown, and she is an amazing mom of 4 amazing kids who are at Newtown High School, college, and even beginning to make their own mark on our world...

Please remember that actions are always louder than words - next time, show Mrs. Beier how grateful you are for her help with a little hug and a smile... our LMC just wouldn't be the same without her!