School Climate and Newtown High School

 School Climate at Newtown High School

School Climate targets the quality of relationships, or how well the people within the school treat each other (Jo Ann Freiberg, PhD). 

 At NHS, we promote a secure and positive school climate in several ways. 


Safe School Climate promotes a secure and positive school climate, conducive to teaching and learning, that is free from threat, harassment and any type of bullying behavior. The Safe School Climate Specialist investigates reported cases of mean and cruel behavior.  Please see the Safe School Climate District Plan for additional information.

Please click here for a presentation regarding the Safe School Climate Law.


Positive School Climate focuses on establishing and implementing ways that that support and promote positive student behavior. 

This is done in part by establishing clear behavioral expectations (HAWKS) which are consistent with Newtown’s Core Character Attributes, and recognizing students and staff for demonstrating these expectations.  Further, students are recognized for their accomplishments such as perfect attendance, as well as making significant improvements in their academic behavior (attendance, grades, behavior). 


Committees addressing both Safe School Climate and Positive School Climate continue to develop opportunities to create/improve the quality of relationships at the high school while diminishing/eliminating mean and cruel behaviors to improve student learning.