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We hope this site can help provide you with information regarding adolescent mental health. 


Currently, NHS Pupil Services are:


School Psychologists (F -Wing Admin Suite)

Jennifer Hoag, PhD 

Dimitri Thornton, MA, CAS

Stacie Miles, MA, CAS

School Social Worker (F Wing Admin Suite)

Suzanne Tyler, LCSW
Lauren Sheintop, LCSW

What We Do

All students face challenges from time to time.  School psychologists and social workers are there to help students, parents, educators, and the community understand and solve these problems.


In addition, we consult with teachers and staff, assess students functioning, provide prevention and intervention strategies, and evaluate the outcome of these strategies.


Information on Counseling Available for the Newtown Community

Center for Support and Wellness: 203-270-4612

The Newtown Center for Support and Wellness is the single point of entry which connects members of the community with wellness resources through a strong referral system and dedicates staff to families and individuals in need.

Crisis Hotline: 211


Website Information on Grief and Family Counseling

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) link to resources by topic: http://www.nasponline.org/resources/index.aspx

Tufts UniversityChild & Family Webguide: http://www.cfw.tufts.edu/

Grief and Loss of loved ones

Mental Health and Behavioral Concerns


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