Math Pathways - Middle School

Our focus at the Newtown Middle School is building critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Because all students learn at different rates and have varying background knowledge, we offer multiple opportunities for acceleration.  Our intention is to have each student in a mathematics course that will be both engaging and challenging to the individual, without being overwhelming.  We understand the huge growth and maturation that occurs in this age group, in addition to the development of good study habits, and we are fortunate to have some flexibility within clusters to adjust a students' math placement as needed.  Our teachers are also able to differentiate for students who are ready for more of a challenge and for students who need more support to learn a concept.

7th Grade 

At the start of 7th grade, all students who were in the Math 6 class at Reed are evaluated and placed into either Math 7 or Math 7 Accelerated.  The Math 7 Accelerated class covers the entire 7th grade curriculum plus about half of the 8th grade curriculum.  Because this course covers a year and a half of math, it moves at a quick pace.  The criteria for this accelerated class includes 6th grade SBAC scores, 6th grade Spring NWEA scores, and a diagnostic assessment given during the first week of school.  At the end of 7th grade, students who successfully complete the accelerated curriculum have the opportunity to be considered for the Algebra I class in 8th grade.

Students who have been accelerated in 6th grade typically join our Math 7-8 class.  This class covers the remaining 7th grade units that were not taught in 6 Plus, as well as most of the 8th grade curriculum.  At the end of 7th grade, students who successfully completed Math 7-8 are well-prepared to take Algebra I as 8th graders.

In addition to our Math 7, Math 7 Accelerated, and Math 7-8 courses, we also offer an Algebra I course for 7th grade students who were in the 6 Plus class and qualify.  In the spring of 6th grade, a placement test will be offered to any student in the 6 Plus class who wishes to place out of the Math 7-8 class in order to take Algebra in 7th grade.  The placement test covers all of the units taught in the Math 7-8 course, as students who take Algebra as 7th graders will not be taught these topics in school.  Students who successfully complete Algebra I in 7th grade will take  Algebra II as 8th graders. 

8th Grade 

At the start of 8th grade, all students who were in the Math 7 class are placed into either Math 8 or Math 8 Enriched.  The two classes follow the same curriculum, but the enriched class incorporates more in-depth problem solving and enrichment activities.  Students who were in the Math 7 Accelerated course in 7th grade but do not qualify for the Algebra I course will be placed into the Math 8 Enriched class.  In addition, students have the opportunity to be re-considered for Algebra I at the start of 8th grade.  In order to be moved into the Algebra I class, the student will have to demonstrate a solid conceptual understanding of the pre-Algebra concepts.  The student's 7th grade SBAC score, 7th grade Spring NWEA score, and diagnostic assessment score will be used to determine if the student should be placed into the Algebra I class.


All of the math courses with the exception of Algebra I follow the Big Ideas textbook.  The Math 7 course covers chapters 1-10 in the Red Accelerated textbook, while the Math 7 Accelerated course covers chapters 1-16 in that same textbook.  The Math 7-8 course follows the Advanced 2 textbook, and the Math 8 and Math 8 Enriched classes follow the Blue textbook.  

Newtown Grades 6-9 Mathematics Pathways

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