The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) is a private, non-profit, governmental membership organization that serves six New England states. The purpose is exclusively educational. It serves the public and the educational community by establishing and maintaining high standards of educational excellence and utilizing an evaluation process that focuses on self-improvement through effective peer review. Schools that become accredited through the Association’s evaluation processes will become members of the Association (cpss.neasc.org). Newtown High School will take part in this re-accreditation process in the fall of 2015.

In preparation for this visit, Newtown High School must undertake an extensive, rigorous self-study involving the participation of faculty, administrators, staff, students, community members, and board members. A steering committee has begun the work necessary for this multi-year process. A committee of professional educators will visit Newtown High School to validate the implementation of accreditation standards. The following are the seven standards:

Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations



Assessment of and for Student Learning

School Culture and Leadership

School Resources for Learning

Community Resources for Learning

A strong school is an indication of a strong community.  Through the collective efforts of all stakeholders, Newtown High School hopes to maintain its accreditation and do its part to keep Newtown strong.

- NEASC Steering Committee
Meet the NEASC Steering Committee:

Amy Deeb (Social Studies)
Kris Kelso (World Language)

Laura Battisti (World Language)
Maggie Conway (PTSA Pres.)
Dave DeFeo (Fine & Applied Arts)
Tim DeJulio (Science)
Kristin English (English)
Eugene Hall (Math)
Abigail Marks (English)
Katherine Matz (Special Ed.)
Peg Ragaini (Career Center)
Jaime Rivera (Asst. Principal)