Great information from the Hawley Library!

Welcome Back!

Hope you had a wonderfully restful summer filled with adventure and excitement!

Hope you read a bit during all your fun!

Please hand in your reading log with us. OR! The C.H. Booth Library will send your reading log our way electronically. After we do our final tallies, we will be announcing winners and handing out prizes. Looking forward to celebrating with all top readers in each grade with a grand prize of Breakfast with Mr. Moretti!



Hawley Summer Reading Incentives

What You Get

How You Get It


If you will be in                         If You Will Be Kindergarten*,                          in Grades 3 or 4

Grade 1 or 2                              in the Fall

in the Fall

A certificate and a medal.

Read At Least 10                       Read At Least 5

Just Right books.                      Just Right books.


Participate in Governor’s Challenge.      

A certificate, medal AND an invitation to a Breakfast Celebration with Mr. Moretti!

Top Reader in Each Grade Level

Reading the Most Just Right books


*For Kindergarten students: parents are recording books that students read themselves and books they read to their children.


Ways Your Library Can Help YOU!!!

  • Come in and take out books and books on tape/cd.
  • Use the space for individual, partner or group work.
  • Check out a magazine or a board game (coming soon!).
  • Access technology via an ipad, laptop or desktop

The Nutmeg Book Award encourages children in grades 2-12 to read quality literature. The award is sponsored by: CASL (Connecticut Association of School Librarians) and CLA (Connecticut Library Association). The 2017 Nutmeg Awards are out and the choices are making for some great reading! The Nutmeg Awards encourage students to read and vote on their favorites too. 

Be sure to check out: Nutmeg Award website for all the best in children's literature!