The Global Music rotation is a unit of study within the Newtown Public School's Grade 5-6 Global Music Curriculum. This class focuses on exploring music from cultures in which we are unfamiliar. This year's study will include music from the countries of China and India and the continent of Africa. Although not taught in an interdisciplinary fashion, the content is in alignment and can be applied to student projects in the 6th grade Social Studies curriculum. By blending 21st Century Skills into the curriculum, students are able to use music as a tool  to develop a global perspective.

Over the course of our 18 sessions, students cover a variety topics including:

·                 Western vs. Eastern music and the place of music within each culture

·                 Chinese, African and Indian instruments - types, sounds, how they are made, how they are played, compare to instruments to  which we are familiar

·                 Explore tonality system of Chinese and Indian music


·                 Explore rhythmic features of African music, perform different drum strokes and create and perform own call and response rhythms

·                Perform a variety of songs from each culture using Orff instruments, keyboards and drums

·                 Compose in style of each culture

·                 Explore music in each culture's festivals and celebrations 

A number of performances (via approved internet resources and DVD) are played for students to expose them to the sights, sounds, and culture of China, Africa and India. Class discussion allows students to share thoughts and observations about the music they are hearing. Students will complete writing assignments in which they will reflect on what they hear in the music and write a report on the instruments of each culture. 

A culminating project has students becoming a composer by creating and writing their own music. Students will be asked to compose an original composition reflecting the country of their choosing within this unit of study.