Maker notebook

I made this maker notebook to put all my maker thoughts in a book. It is a good starter make because you can you put all your stuff that you're making in one thing and all your blueprints of stuff can go in there also. It is sectioned off. So, that your makes and your reviews and different things like that can be in different places.

The steps are:

  1. First, cut a 5 ½ in by 8 ½ in piece of paper (½ of a sheet of copier paper)
  2. Next, cut some very thin cardboard 5 ½ in by 8 ½ in also.
  3. Next, make a sand witch like thing by putting 1 sheet of cardboard then all your paper and then put 1 sheet of cardboard and finally clipping it together with binder clips.
  4. Next, put Elmer's glue on the spine and have in dry.
  5. Next, take the clips off.
  6. Next, put a strip of duct tape on the spine.
  7. Next, put it on the cover.
  8. Next, use duct tape and velcro to make a latch...
  • You will first put duct tape on the book and fold it over. Then Put Velcro on the book and on the duct tape strap.

9. Next, using the Cricut* make a maker notebook sticker.

10. Finally, you can put a puffy sticker on the strap.

*=If you want to learn how to use the Cricut, click here.