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Useful Links - 8th grade Spanish

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Veo Veo Merlino Charliepapa 6B video activity 
Señor Jordan - comparisons of equality  Señor Jordan - comparisons of equality video 3 
Señor Jordan - comparative/superlative 2 Señor Jordan - comparative/superlative video 2 
Señor Jordan - comparative/superlative Señor Jordan - comparative/superlative video 1 
Realidades B website This is the student companion site that accompanies the text book we use in class. Here you can find vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, games, activities, practice tests and more. Click here to practice on quizlet! 
QUIA Use this link to log-in to quia web. 
Mi Vida Loca Created by the BBC, this interactive video drama and Spanish course Mi Vida Loca takes you on an intrigue mystery adventure to Madrid and beyond in 22 episodes, about 10 minutes each, covering basic learning points for Spanish beginners. A learning section complements each episode.  
Family vocabulary presentation watch this video to learn some basic vocabulary used to describe family relationships 
Family Relationships Introduction  
Ellis Island WebQuest Click here to take your virtual tour of Ellis Island! 
Can Do Statements - Interpersonal Self-assessments and digital portfolios 
Ben's Plant and Animal vocabulary list Learn these terms for extra credit! 
Animated Verbs  
6A vocabulary - Realidades Click here to view page 122 from your text book to help you fill out your new vocabulary list. 
Showing 15 items