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Bigelow Beats

The Bigelow Beats is Bigelow's only a cappella group! The Beats meet as a yearlong 4th block class for 7th and 8th graders. The first semester focuses on madrigal singing (a style of small group Classical singing developed in the Renaissance) and the second semester focuses on contemporary pop arrangements.  The Bigelow Beats are selected by audition the previous spring, with makeup auditions in the fall. Co-enrollment with chorus is required except with special permission by Ms. A.

(Note that if you get into AC, you are required to co-enroll in chorus.) 

Bigelow Beats 2016-2017
Dear AWESOME and BRAVE students who auditioned- thank you for the gift of your singing. As I said about twelve times, you were all terrific and I adore all of you. If I don't think you're ready for a cappella right now, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. First of all, I will definitely get to sing with you in 7th/8th grade chorus, Bigelow's FLAGSHIP ensemble! Woo! I can't wait! Secondly, we will have auditions again in September and next May, and I will remember everyone who tried out this time. 

EVERYONE (in or not) could definitely work on your ability to match pitch and hold your part. Check out the pitch matching games at - play them and I guarantee your singing will improve! Yep- you can tell your parents- Ms. A said you SHOULD play computer games, for homework. 

Students accepted to Beats should make sure to sign up for 7/8 chorus as well on the elective signup. 
Abby L
Adair N
Caroline M
Dani R
Dominic M
Emma B
Emma L
Ian C
Julia C
Julia M
Madison Y
Megan W
Molly G
Natalia S
Natalie L

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