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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
"A child must be healthy to learn and a child must learn to be healthy" (MA Department of Public Health)
I am excited to be able to offer this site as a place where you can get up-to-date information about the comings and goings in my health office as well as forms and pertinent documents you may need for us to manage your child's medical concerns while in school. 
First off, let me introduce myself for those who don't know me.  My name is Sue Schy.  I have been in nursing for over 30 years and 7 of those have been with Newton Public Schools.  I also have my Master's degree in pediatric nursing.  I have 3 children of my own who have all gone through the school system as well (my youngest just graduated from Newton South in 2011) so I can understand some of your frustrations and share your questions and concerns regarding your child as he or she goes through their middle school years.  What I do love most about the Bigelow community and working with your children is being part of the daily energy that flows through this school. 
One thing you need to know about me is that I am hard of hearing and have been since I was in the 2nd grade and my loss was picked up by my own school nurse.  I wear a hearing aid in my right ear and, if you come into my office, please remember that I must be facing you in order to hear our conversation.  I generally do pretty well but noisy situations and the telephone, where I don't have the benefit of seeing you, often present a challenge.  If you are calling by phone, please be patient.  I generally can hear you and do fine but there are times, especially in the spring when my own allergies are acting up, that I may ask you to repeat.  I am just trying to understand you and don't want to get the message wrong.  If in doubt, please use email.
I look forward to a healthful, safe and rewarding year getting to know all of your children.  My office is always open to you.  Please feel free to browse this site at your leisure.  Below are a few important reminders to help get this year off to a great start.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you don't find what you are looking for.
Yellow Student Contact Information forms:  Please get these back to the office ASAP as they contain all the vital information that will help us should we have to contact you during the day.  In addition, the updated health history will allow me to be better able to serve your child(ren) during the day as well.
Clothing:  In middle school, clothing is not kept in the health office; however, there are occasions when children do need to change.  I will generally send them to put on their gym clothing while what they are wearing dries or have them call home.  Occasionally, I've gone through lost and found. 
Medications:  I am responsible for administering all medications (over the counter as well as prescription) at school. If your child needs to have a medication at school the medication must be brought to me by an adult in a pharmacy-labeled or manufacturer-labeled container.  All medications, both persciption and over-the-counter, must have a doctor's order and your written permission for them to be given at school.  The only exception to this is short-term medication (i.e. antibiotics).  Forms are available on this site or in my oiffice.
Sports Physicals:  Any child wishing to participate in a sport needs to have a physical exam on file within the past 13 months of the date when tryouts begin.  This physical exam needs to be performed by either a physician, physician's assitant or a nurse practioner.  All children trying out for a sport must receive a clearance from me prior to participation in that activity, including tryouts.  Even if you believe a current physical is on file, please send in a new one with your child.
Illness:  As the cold weather begins, so do colds, fevers, stomachaches, and the flu. If your child is ill, please use your good judgment as to whether to send them to school.  They will be uncomfortable and unproductive here when ill and expose others to unnecessary germs.  School health rooms are not equipped to accommodate sick children and, since crowed heatlh rooms lead to further spread of disease, it is imperative to keep your sick child home or pick him/her up ASAP if you are called during the school day.
Phone numbers:  It is critically important that I have a way to reach you or someone in case of an illness/injury during the day.  Please make sure that all the numbers you have provided the school are up-to-date all year long.
Allergies:  If your child(ren) has an allergy, please let me know.  I will let the teachers and the cafeteria know.  Please don't bring animals into the building as this may aggravate the condition for many.
Letters from the health room:  Periodically, you will be receiving notices from me regarding various things that I am missing from your child(ren)'s health record or about screenings that I am doing.  I know you don't not always have what it is is I may be looking for right away, but a phone call or email to let me kmow that you have received my note and are in the process of taking care of it helps immensely.  Also, screenings are mandated by the state.  If you don't want your child to be screened for whatever reason, please notify me in writing. 
Please watch for my column in the Bigelow Newsletter called Nursing Notes.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for topics, please let me know.
Stay Healthy,
* forms attached