NYC Parent/Student Meeting Presentation - 2018

8th Grade Trip to New York!

We are very excited to let you know about an upcoming language and cultural experience. With your support, we intend to offer the opportunity for Spanish, Chinese, and Italian students to travel with their classmates and teachers to New York City for a three-day trip to celebrate the target cultures’ presence in the United States. Students who have not started a world language yet are invited as well. 

The dates for the excursion are Wednesday May 30,through Friday June 1, 2018.

Why New York? 

New York City allows us to show our students first hand how very present the target cultures are here in the United States. They will see where and how immigrants first came to the United States via Ellis Island and how current world leaders meet and collaborate at the United Nations. 

Each language group will tour neighborhoods and communities where the target language is spoken and used everyday. They will sample food and enjoy world famous works of art specific to the target cultures. We hope that it helps to open hearts and minds to the world around us.