Entry Document Attention!! By Director Request, Deadline Extended to April 1

By Director Request, Deadline for Entry Extended to April 1!

What is so special about New Tech?

Everyone has an opinion about education.  At New Tech Network, we are fortunate when interested schools, educators, or communities ask for information about our work. Our answer is always "ask the students".

As an organization, our audacious goal is to help change the face of education in America.  We would like to formally invite the students of New Tech Network to become partners with us in this mission.  We believe all young people have a right to an education that will prepare them for our rapidly changing, information rich, modern world, as well as an educational system based on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.  

With your help, we’d like to raise awareness and understanding about how education happens in a New Tech school and to pave the way for your voices and your experiences.  With the power of social media to allow ideas togo viral,”  we know that a well crafted idea can catch fire and literally change the world.

We want to open up all of the New Tech Network channels to have you, the students, help tell the New Tech story. We think this will help local communities better understand what’s happening in your schools as well as act as inspiration to communities around the country who are considering ways to innovate high school education. We are launching our first New Tech Video Challenge. We want to hear from you on what is special about your education. What skills will you graduate with that will make you successful in life and the careers of tomorrow?   From February 15th to March 15th, the driving question we’d like to pose to you is, “What is so special about New Tech?” 

The panel assessing the video submissions will include members from the fields of journalism, business, film industry, education and NTN. Five videos will be highlighted, and one group will be sent to the New Tech Network Annual Conference to present the winning video  (max of 4 members please with a chaperone ).  In addition, the winning videos will be shown on NTN YouTube, NTN websites, Facebook and Echo.  The winning video and its creators will also be featured in a national press release and possible media interviews.

We encourage you take part in this video and make your voice heard! Tell us what is special about New Tech.

Submit your Video here!

posted Feb 23, 2012, 11:32 AM by kclark@newtechnetwork.org


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