Language Perfect Competition

Language Perfect is a website which allows students to revise vocabulary and learn sentences in 11 languages: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Italian, Maori, Russian, Latin and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). The website combines sound bites and text to provide various methods of learning languages.
The Language Perfect World Championships 2012 opened on the 21st May and lasted until the 31st of May. The competition originated in New Zealand but has grown to accommodate schools across the globe. Students earn points by answering questions correctly and by revisiting vocab to test their learning. Members of the Japanese Course were able to take part in this year's World Championships, with some fantastic results.

Newstead's Statistics:

We answered 63,137 questions in total, earning a total of 19,546 points.
We came 371st overall globally and 29th overall in England, and in the 1-50 student category we came 130th globally and 21st in England.
We were also the 4th best school in England for Japanese, the 6th for Russian and the 7th for Maori!

2 Newstead students achieved Gold awards (3000+ points), 1 achieved a Silver award (2000+ points), 5 achieved Bronze awards (1000+ points) and 7 achieved Credit Awards (500+ points).

Congratulations to Anastasia in Class 4 for achieving the highest score in the school at 3311 points!