ATLAS Awards Ceremony

We are very proud to announce that Newstead Wood Japanese Course won the prize for best in their category (Japanese) for the ATLAS Olympic competition, which challenges young language learners to create a powerpoint or video and poster welcoming young foreign visitors to London's 2012 Olympics.
On the 24th March 2010, ten of Newstead’s Class 1 Japanese students attended an awards ceremony at the University College London. The event, which was hosted by ATLAS (a language promotion group run by some UCL members), featured three example slides from the winning entries in eleven language categories. The creators of the presentations were present, each group giving a short explanation of their slides. The languages which were represented varied from Urdu and Tamil to Albanian and of course Japanese. Many of the presentations included information about English food, transport and Olympic sports. Everyone who created one of the winning powerpoints received a certificate and an ATLAS bag and ticket holder.

For the competition, Class 1created a nine-slide powerpoint in both English and Japanese, as well as a poster. All of the participants of the course contributed to the final presentation. In small groups we designed and wrote a slide each, under the titles of food, transport, sport, souvenirs and sightseeing. Each page contains text in both English and Japanese, as well as original pictures drawn by Kensa and Florence. Our powerpoint is narrated by Holly, an English character, and Kana, her Japanese counterpart, who talk about the information on the slides. The presentation included a complex sequence of animations, as well as a video of Erica doing judo.
Class 2 also entered the ATLAS Olympic competition, with a poster designed by Tia and Shannon and a powerpoint made by Stephanie and Sophie. They also won in the Japanese category.
Class 3 entered their poster to the competition the following year and won in their category - three consecutive wins for the course! You can see their poster here.

All of the winning presentations, posters and displays can be accessed here.

 The 2010 winning poster for Japanese drawn by Kensa and Florence.

Japanese students with French & Spanish students at the 2010 ceremony.    

Japanese students recieving certificates on stage.

The 2010 winning presentation for Japanese.
Please note - not all of the original animations and effects can be seen in this widget. 
For the full experience, please download the version attached below.


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