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Our Japan Trip 2013 is mentioned at Sagamihara Seiryo High School's website

posted 4 Dec 2013, 11:56 by Hisaka Bunting   [ updated 4 Dec 2013, 11:59 ]

Before we update our website, Sagamihara Seiryo High School was the first to report our visit.  Here is the screenshot of their page.  

New (school) year!

posted 3 Sep 2013, 12:45 by Martha van Bakel   [ updated 3 Sep 2013, 12:50 ]

Sensei has now set up her own page, the link to which can be seen in the sidebar. Please check it out for insights from Newstead's favourite Japanese teacher.

A new school year is just around the corner and with it comes a new set of Japanese students. Year 8s will be having their Japan Day activities this Academic Tutoring Day (Thursday the 5th of September) and 27 students are enrolled to start Japanese lessons this term. They will be the 6th class at Newstead to join the wonderful course!

Olivia, a former Class 1 student, led the Japanese Taster Day activities for Year 6 students on the 17th of July. She has written a piece about her experiences:

"On Wednesday July 17, I led an introductory Japanese language session for some Year 6 pupils from local primary schools, with some Year 9 Japanese students helping me out. The session lasted an hour and a half, so I made a power point presentation which introduced the Year 6 pupils to Japanese culture, pop culture and some basic Japanese language (such as how to introduce yourself, basic greetings and vocab). I knew that to make the biggest impact on the children I had to make the session very interactive, so the children got the chance to introduce themselves in front of the whole group, take part in the Japanese school quiz, and to write their names in Katakana and their favourite kanji on a bookmark to take home. We also played some fun games, such as playing jan ken pon in pairs, singing along to 'Head shoulders knees and toes' in Japanese and playing 'Whack the board' with Japanese animal vocab they'd just learned. There were also plenty of opportunities to win prizes like origami cranes and chopsticks, which meant the children were very attentive and participated fully in the session. The session was action-packed with activities, so (hopefully) no one was bored, and even the teachers participated! I was very impressed with how quickly some students picked up the vocabulary, and everyone tried their hardest throughout the session. It was a great experience for me to be able to lead this session, and thank you to everyone who participated and helped me out!"

Our thanks to Olivia for her enthusiasm and dedication to helping young students discover Japanese. 

Much has happened over the summer! Class 5 participated in the SOAS Japanese Day and you can now read about Class 4's trip to the Embassy. Ganbatte everyone for the year ahead!

General Update

posted 17 Mar 2013, 13:45 by Martha van Bakel

Many of our students are already using Language Perfect for a chance to brush up on their skills before this year's competition. Best of luck  to them!

You can now also read about the recent APU visit, with a piece written by Lana in Class 1 and photographs.

Finally, Class 4 students won in their category for the ATLAS Languages Competition.  This is the fourth year in a row that Newstead has won in the Japanese category, so extremely well done! Their poster will go on display permanently at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.

Fukuwarai and reply letters

posted 21 Feb 2013, 07:38 by Martha van Bakel

At the beginning of the term, Class 4 students played a game called Fukuwarai to help them learn vocab for facial features as well as right (右), left (左), up (上) and down (下). Below are the photos.

General Update

posted 15 Feb 2013, 10:52 by Martha van Bakel   [ updated 15 Feb 2013, 10:54 ]

With the ever-growing number of classes in the Japanese course, there is a revamped About the Course page for you to explore.

In other news, Year 7 students will soon be able to participate in Taiko Drumming during Enrichment Week. There is also much activity within Japanese classes. The AS students are entering a poetry competition and the Year 9s are working on a poster for the ATLAS languages competition, as well as going on a trip to the Japanese Embassy soon. Good luck to everyone!

Greetings from Sagamihara Seiryo High School

posted 3 Feb 2013, 02:30 by Martha van Bakel   [ updated 19 Feb 2013, 06:56 by Martha van Bakel ]

First year students from one of our link schools, Sagamihara Seiryo High School, have written Christmas and New Year greetings cards for Year 9 Japanese students at Newstead. The Year 9s are currently writing their replies which will be sent soon - hopefully continuing the friendship and exchanges between our schools.

Year 8 Japan Day

posted 7 Sep 2012, 02:30 by Eliza Law   [ updated 9 Sep 2012, 09:54 by Cathy Darling ]

This year, the Japanese enrichment day for Year 8 students was pushed forward to September, in order to allow those who wish to take the Japanese GCSE three full years of study. The day was a huge success and the students enjoyed activities including origami, calligraphy, basic language lessons and time to research aspects of Japan that most interested them. Many learnt to write their names and everyone went home with cute jumping frogs that they had made in the origami session. Class 1 students took the opportunity to talk to the prospective Japanese students about their experiences with the course, including the lessons, trips and website. Class 2 students also helped out with introducing the Year 8s to the Japanese culture by drawing examples of manga on the board and playing some of their favourite J-pop songs to the class.


We hope that many of the students will accept the amazing opportunity and begin learning Japanese.

Summer exam results!

posted 3 Sep 2012, 01:47 by Martha van Bakel   [ updated 3 Sep 2012, 07:17 ]

Newstead Japanese students received their exam results in August. 5 students sat the Japanese GCSE this year and all achieved As and A*s - a fantastic result which reaches the standard set by last year's students.

4 students achieved passes at AS Level, which is an excellent result given that students only had one year of after school lessons to prepare for their exam alongside their other qualifications!

Congratulations to everyone on their results. The new school year will start soon, with Japanese culture sessions for Year 8s being run by Year 10, 11 and sixth form students.

Primary Schools Project

posted 23 Jul 2012, 03:23 by Martha van Bakel

After the end of their GCSE exams, Year 11s at Newstead have a holiday which is around four weeks longer than that of the rest of the school. Newstead runs a Primary Schools Project which allows Year 11s to spend one week teaching a subject of their choice at a local primary school during this extra free time. Jamie in Class 1 taught Japanese to her primary school class and has written a piece about her experiences.

"On the week beginning 9th July I went to St Mary’s Catholic primary school to teach Japanese to children aged 10-11. During the week the students learnt basic phrases and vocabulary (“takoyaki” was the most popular among the group, though whether they found the meaning or the actual word funnier was never fully explained) and were given an introduction to the different alphabets in Japanese. We also did a small project which involved making a profile for each student including their name, age, likes, dislikes, friends, pets and anything else we could think of. Bunting-sensei helped a huge amount with the teaching method and inspired me to make it as simple and fun as possible for the students so I am very grateful to her. 

All the students were very friendly and intelligent; they picked it up extremely fast (faster than when I started learning Japanese!) and by the end of the week they all seemed confident that they could introduce themselves and have a basic conversation in Japanese. I could not have hoped for a better group of students and I wish them the best for the future."

Summer Update

posted 16 Jul 2012, 01:59 by Martha van Bakel

The Year 11 members of Class 1 have been enjoying their extended holiday and study leave. Meanwhile, the other classes have been busy working at school.

Classes 2 and 3 went on a trip to London and participated in Club Taishikan at the Japanese Embassy. You can read about their trip on its page.

Finally, some of the Year 11s have been taking part in a project which involves teaching in a primary school. Jamie in Class 1 taught Japanese to her students, so watch this space for an account of how it went!

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