About the Course

The Newstead Japanese Course began in February 2009, after a highly successful Japan Day at school. It was the first time that the Japanese language had ever been offered at Newstead. Our teacher is Bunting Sensei. There are currently five Japanese classes at Newstead, with students from years 8 to 12. One former student is currently studying Japanese at university.

From this year students are able to start the Japanese course in September, giving them a full three years of study before they take their GCSE exam. The course is now also offered to students from Darrick Wood school.

Newstead Japanese Course is lucky enough to be involved in an ATLAS mentoring scheme with students at SOAS in London who are studying Japanese. Newstead students were pilot members for the scheme and their feedback helped the scheme to grow so that 6 more schools are able to use the scheme. Mentors and mentees communicate via a Moodle system to discuss their studies.

This website was created and is managed primarily by the Year 11 Japanese students Martha, Charlotte and Cathy. Members of the Japanese course have been also involved in the creation of an ATLAS Japanese website.