Understanding & Treating Victims of Abuse -Spring 2020

Understanding and Treating Victims of Abuse-Course #NPSY 3860:

The Spring 2020 fifteen-session course begins on Thursday January 30th from 8 - 9:50 pm.  The course introduces students to the dynamic and often controversial field of advocacy, intervention, and treatment for abused children, ranging from the reporting of abuse to protective services to therapeutic treatment of child victims and adult survivors.  There are lectures and group discussions, and experts describe their professional experiences.  Topics covered include the workings of the Administration for Children's Services, the identification of child abuse and the investigative process, the range of services offered in foster care, the role of the battered women's shelter movement, the emerging need for advocacy of elder abuse victims, as well as the clinical challenges of working with abused and neglected children, their families, adult survivors, and child abuse offenders.  We cover the career trajectory for social workers and creative arts therapists, from applying to graduate programs to the beginning of professional private practice.  Participation in class includes a team project focusing on the foster care system.

Course can be taken for credit or non-credit. For course schedule, summary, objectives, requirements, assignments and school policy, 
please click on the link to the syllabus at the bottom of this page or call The New School For Public Engagement Department of Social Sciences at 212-229-5119 and refer to course # NPSY 3860 Sec. A. You can also  e-mail me at: Frankm@newschool.edu for more information.