Introduction to Careers in Social Work & Counseling - Fall 2018

Begins Thursday Evening, August 30, 2018  8-9:50 PM

Michele Frank, LCSW, Instructor

What’s the difference between a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Clinical Psychologist?

What drives individuals to devote their lives to helping other people?

What are the education and licensing requirements for each professional role?

What values inform the ethical decision-making process?

This Fall 2018 course introduces students to options for entering the ever-evolving fields of social work and counseling. 

Focusing on the essentials of therapeutic practice with individuals, families, couples, and groups, we define and discuss the interpersonal skills needed for working with a full range of cases, from the high-functioning private practice client to the crisis-oriented disturbed patient. We discuss how insight-oriented and action-oriented approaches for clinical intervention differ, as well as the incorporation of the DSM-5 for use in clinical work. We explore the range of work settings for clinical counseling, from the private practice office to mental health agencies specializing in child welfare, health care, substance abuse treatment, gerontology, employee assistance programs, and corrections.

Recognizing the challenges for building a clinical practice in today’s complex managed care marketplace, this course also helps students chart their career roadmaps from graduate school to professional practice. Class highlights include guest lecturers who work with diverse client populations and experiential assignments.

The New School’s online catalog is available on the home page.  Register for ‘Intro Social Work & Counseling’ Course number NPSY 3850, Section A, CRN: 7050. For phone registration call 212-229-5690.

Course can be taken for credit or non-credit. For course schedule, summary, objectives, requirements, assignments and school policy, please contact for more information or call 212-352-0988.