Child Care

Reliable child care is essential for working families. Finding and evaluating affordable quality care is an important undertaking for your infant to school-age children. The information here is intended to help you in your efforts to assess your needs and understand your options. A sampling of local programs for newborns through school-age children is also provided. 

There are three primary forms of child care for children newborn through five years: in-home, family care, and center-based care. Family and center-based child care are both regulated by New York City. Because of limited availability of center-based care for children under two, most families rely on in-home or family care. In lower Manhattan neighborhoods, the waitlist for centers average over a year, so if you seek this type of care, you should get on the waitlist early. Centers are accustomed to accepting applications from expectant and adopting parents. 

In-home care is care provided by an individual that you employ to work in your home. Caregivers are available to either 'live in' or 'love out' and come to your home each day.

Family Child Care
A regulated family child care provider takes care of three to six children in their own home or apartment. In group family care, the provider and an assistant cares for seven to twelve children. These settings serve children from infant through school age.

Family Child Care Reference Check is a large searchable database for both family (home) child care and center-based care.

Infant and Pre-School Center-Based Programs
Center-based care is known by several names, including day care center, child care center, early childhood program. These programs often provide a full day of care, generally from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Partial-day or school-day programs, often referred to as nursery schools, are also available. is a large searchable database for both family (home) child care and center-based care.

School-Age Center-Based Programs
Care is provided for children before and after school hours. Some programs also provide care during school vacations and holidays. Summer camp is included in this category.

Sometimes you just need someone who can care for your child during a particular moment and you need a babysitter.

Caregivers Support Working Group
The New School Caregivers Support Working Group of the Social Justice Committee consists of faculty, staff and students and was created to advocate on behalf of the many caregivers in our community. Visit their website to find:
  • Resources for caregivers of all types
  • Lactation booth reservation calendar
  • Information about the group
  • And more