What is [AID]?

The Association for International Development [AID] at the New School addresses issues above and beyond international development. We gather international affairs practitioners, NGOs, grassroots advocates and members of the academic community in the same venue. [AID] is designed for students who wish to develop a professional or academic interest in the issues surrounding of international affairs.


The Association of International Development [AID] is a student-led organization at the New School University created to discuss issues relevant to global affairs. Though largely comprised of students from the Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA), it is open to the greater New School University,  and encourages cross-discipline participation.

During its very successful inaugural year, [AID] hosted a number of events, including six Career Talks, in which GPIA alumni returned to share their insights on the job application process, and their professional experiences upon graduation. In addition to Career Talks, [AID] also hosted two student development conferences - one on development in the context of the economic crisis, and one on major development issues pertaining to Latin America, East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. [AID] also hosted a very successful microfinance panel moderated by Howard Finkelstein, of The Microfinance Club of New York.


We the students of the Graduate Program in International Affairs at Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at the New School,

  • Aware of the important contributions that the Graduate Program in International Affairs has had on the New School and on the larger New York City community;

  • Receptive to the calls from fellow students for the need to learn and explore the issues related to international development, human rights and responsive governance;

  • Committed to provide a platform for the engagement of these issues by (1) working with administrators on offering a greater variety of courses on development-related issues, (2) organizing career talks with the New School alumni and other professionals involved in international development, (3) facilitating professional development talks, (4) setting up student-led conferences related to issues of international development, human rights and responsive governance, and by (5) hosting complementary screenings of films related to these issues;  

Decide to form an Association of International Development [AID]. This organization will create a forum for discussions on the nature and causes of global inequality, violations of human rights, internal displacements, and complex humanitarian emergencies among other issues.