Quick Exit -- Help Page

To use our "Quick Exit" Apple Watch app, simply

a) install the app to your phone;

b) use the Apple Watch app to turn on "Show App on Apple Watch" for the Quick Exit app (quickexit)

Then, before you want to use the Quick Exit escape hatch:
c) tap the Green-and-Blue (escape) Rocket icon on your watch to access the app.
d) select the desired delay by using the slider. The 'number of seconds' of delay will show. Then, either:
    1) press the "Start" button, to start the countdown, then swipe left to the second page of the app (showing the rotating globe); OR
    1b) go into your meeting ready to start the app discreetly when you see it is time to go -- note that with zero on the "delay" it will start the music / ring immediately.

Also note that the "Start" label changes to "Take Call?" as soon as countdown starts -- pressing this early will abort the "call" and reset the app.


Questions?  email admin1@newportcoastsoftware.com

    2) wait for the phone to begin to sound, at which point you
      - look at your watch, displaying the "Urgent Message" message and spinning globe 
        (let other people see it)
      - make your exit promising to return later
      - swipe right back to the "Take call?" button and press it to silence the "ring" or music on your watch.