2015 Credentials


Preference will be given to outlets who cover all the home and away games of the participating teams, as well as New Orleans and South Louisiana media who routinely cover events on the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl’s year round calendar.

Media that cover all the home games of either of the two schools receive the next priority, followed by any additional media or other publications that have an interest in covering Bowl events in addition to the game. Scouts, Internet media, and other non-working should be prepared to be granted auxiliary media credentials.

If you have any questions prior to submitting your credential application, please contact:

Paul Utterback
Event Sales/Communications Manager
R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
2020 St Charles, Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130
Cell: 601-270-0282
Our office - (504)525-5678
By Fax - (504)529-1622