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Who Should Attend RootsCamp MA?

posted Feb 26, 2015, 8:58 AM by Robbie Samuels
Any progressive or community organizer or activist from across Massachusetts who has lessons to share, more to learn, or campaigns and projects to move forward.  If you work on an issue or matter that moves our country forward, add your voice and perspective -- help shape and take ownership over RootsCamp MA.

RootsCamp MA is an opportunity for the grassroots progressive community, broadly defined, to come together, share, and debrief -- to learn from each other and discuss best practices moving forward, to collaborate on campaigns and strategy.

* Activists on any progressive issue
* Community organizers and service providers
* Neighborhood leaders
* Social justice advocatesd

This includes union organizers, field organizing experts, nonprofit staff, techies, digital strategy experts, bloggers, and campaign staff recovering from the election cycle. Anyone working on progressive policy, whether national politics or local community issues, issue-based advocacy or electoral campaigns, has something to contribute and experience to build upon.

The more diverse the group, the more perspectives, voices, and experiences we can share.  And the more we can take advantage of an opportunity to sit down and talk to each other.

Progressive politics works precisely because it is inclusive.  This community is what we seek to convene at RootsCamp MA.

Attend, participate, and help shape and take ownership over a fundamentally grassroots unconference.