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What would community organizers gain from RootsCamp?

posted Apr 8, 2015, 5:46 PM by Robbie Samuels
Get networked, build support, gain some new skills, and improve your strategy:

1. By meeting with a broad group of progressives who can support your work locally, you can discuss the strategy you've used and learn from others' effective campaigns.

2. Gain some new tools for organizing.  For example, if you are strong at building alliances on the ground and getting legislation passed, RootsCamp MA sessions might help with bringing more online and new media into it to expand and publicize and build on your existing network on the ground, while recognizing issues of accessibility.

3. Host a session on something that you think should be covered.  (What are people missing?  What should they learn from your work?)  It's also an opportunity to connect and bring some perspective to the work of younger tech-savvy online organizers and help them be more grounded with community-based efforts.

4. Find a source of motivation to move forward... interact with dedicated organizers on all sorts of issues and work off of the strength of a more united progressive community.

RootsCamp in DC tends to draw online organizers traditionally, but with RootsCamp MA we've used this great "unconference" model to pull in more diverse voices and bridge the divide between truly grassroots community-based efforts and what happens online, often at a large scale.  With more coordination and mutual support, we can build a stronger cross-issue progressive movement.