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Possible Topics? What's been suggested in 2015?

posted Apr 23, 2015, 12:51 PM by Robbie Samuels

We asked registrants what session they might present - below are their answers. 

RootsCamp MA is participant driven and we encourage everyone to come prepared to present on a topic, facilitate a dialogue, or brainstorm best practices. Sessions are determined the morning of the event. Read "How Sessions Work" to become familiar with the process of setting the agenda.

Digital Media for organizing and capacity building

Secrets to diversifying white liberal groups

Engaging students in advocacy

Canvassing training & best practices

Connecting on a personal level

Microagressions: What are they, how to recognize them, do people commit microaggressions against me, do I commit microagressions against other people?

Health and reproductive justice issues in Native American communities

Local news/politics sources to follow

Using VAN to target state legislators for issue advocacy

The need for independent, progressive media

Testing and analytics

Future of labor organizing

Addressing the root cause of health disparities

Educational change/liberation

Ending racism

Caucus Groups based on ethnicity (Latin@, Native American, and/or African heritage) or gender

Challenging water privatization - protecting the human right to water

Challenging corporate power, creating corporate accountability

#BlackLivesMatter curriculum

Teacher fellowship program to recruit and retain teachers of color in urban districts in RI

Fundraising: getting past the fear of asking

Story-telling as a tool for peer education, advocacy, and support

Finding your donors

Leading public policy discussion

Learning and research with volunteers

Messaging strategy

Intentional Communities talk

How come I get so many emails? Why grassroots fundraising is a good thing!

Field organizing for issue and electoral campaigns

True Story Theater

Conflict resolution

How to run successful citywide campaigns

Identifying root causes or self-sustainability

Beyond Buzzwords: self-care is real

Diversity issues

Reporting on metrics in and around the VAN

Usability design

Women's equal pay

Fostering women's leadership

Online fundraising

Integrating disability access into campaigns and events

Working From Whiteness: supporting and challenging white allies in racial justice

Using participatory and agile methods to manage change and reduce risk in your technology projects

Productivity Tech Tips

How to create infographics

Alternative currencies

Volunteer and community engagement

Basic income

Child development