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Need presenters for these "wish list" topics... (2015)

posted Apr 23, 2015, 1:10 PM by Robbie Samuels
This is the wish list of topics - are you knowledgable? Step up and present a session!

Progressive lobbying

Arts organizing and management

Being all inclusive/affirming diversity

How to organize communities around issues concerning their health and access to healthcare

Organizing across silos

LGBTQ issues/organizing


Direct action

Arts and social change


Resume writing


Connecting on a personal level


Art of the Schmooze

How to negotiate for a salary (focus on non-profit/underpaid professions?)

Ableism and disability advocacy

Bi phobia and erasure

Self-care for activists

Membership management/technology for advocacy groups

Building alliances between different cultural communities

Environmental justice organizing

The role of politics in labor organizing

Social media and communications

How to start a non-profit 

How to start a worker co-op

Organizing around economic issues

Public water solutions

Strategies for confronting money in politics

Racial justice and anti-oppression organizing


"Why are we doing this?" for technology projects


Social Media

Hosting events

Alternative fundraising




Environmental arts

Analytics in practice

Community education

Online fundraising

Advanced A/B testing (analytics)

Organizing with an intersectional framework
Where are we going from Ferguson...?

Economic justice and cross-sector collaboration

How to lobby local legislators

How to secure local and state governmental funding/funding from school districts

Developing effective partnerships

Skill builders

Storytelling as a way to communicate important policy and ideas

Interested in the process of creating an unconference

Skills sharing in general

Coalition building

Online fundraising


Digital organizing platforms

Outreach and advocacy best practices for nonprofit, volunteer-led organizations


Communal living

3rd party candidate political organizing

New organizing techniques for the digital age


Social Media

Working in coalitions

How to connect organizing to social media and create momentum for campaigns

Affordable housing/displacement of minority and ethnic communities


Organizing strategies

Intersectionality with labor justice and other types of social justice

Building community for organizing work


Importance of developing a staff pipeline - chiefs of staff, policy directors, communications director, etc. Not everyone should run for office.

Strategic or creative thinking

Balancing being a friend & organizer

Professional development opportunities

Grad school

Social entrepreneurship

Navigating progressive/social justice work amidst a sea of mainstream funders

Diversity and social justice

Field work, conversations, and managing canvassing teams

Moving non-profits towards anti-racist practice

Popular education and how to use it in campaigns

Fight for 15