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Interested in Facilitating a Session?

posted Feb 26, 2015, 8:49 AM by Robbie Samuels
Here are some tips:

Try to answer one or more of these questions/prompts:
  1. I would really like to know.....
  2. How do I do/build/create ….?..
  3. How did that campaign work?  How do we do it again (or never again)?
  4. I have an idea about a campaign on….
  5. Let’s chat about...
And follow these dos and don'ts:

A good session does not:
  1.  Show PowerPoint slides
  2.  Form a panel or preset agenda
  3.  Talk AT people

A good session does:
  1.  Engage everyone (start with 3-word intros)
  2.  Ask questions and dig deeper
  3.  Draw from the perspectives and opinions of organizers in the room