How Sessions Work

Watch this 3 minute video:

From Rocky Mountain RootsCamp!

About "the Wall"

Everyone is encouraged to come prepared to propose a session for "the Wall" and those who aren't presenting are free to move to any session, and are encouraged to if they’d like during sessions.  The principle is to vote with your feet!

RootsCamp is a great safespace that allows everyone to debrief their experiences, ask questions, have demonstrations, and hold discussions. The result is everyone gets what they need whether presenting or discussing.

Questions to consider:

1 I would really like to know.....
2. How do I do/build/create ….?..
3. How did that campaign work?  How do we do it again (or never again)?
4. I have an idea about a campaign on….
5. Let’s chat about...

Step 1:

Gather together.

Step 2:

Create "the Wall".
Propose an idea or workshop.
Discuss and decide on the agenda.
Step 3:

Break out!  Pick your first workshop -- or go to the room assigned for the session you are facilitating -- and let the conversation begin.

One more wall shot!