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Directions to 1199SEIU Building
150 Mt. Vernon Street, Second Floor
Boston, MA 02125 (Dorchester neighborhood)

Building name is CORCORAN JENNISON from the front.
Entrance is smack in the middle of the building.

The venue and the walk from the T are handicap accessible with ramps. Ample parking is available.  Shuttle service from the T stop can be arranged with prior notice.

For step-by-step directions from your origin, both DRIVING or TRANSIT:

Driving directions:

Turn off Mt. Vernon St. into the entrance for the DoubleTree Hotel and then take a left to enter the parking lot (you'll go past an open parking gate, which will remain open). You can park here free of charge.

Walking directions:

As you get off the T, follow signs for the buses & Bayside Expo Center exit. Keep following signs for it (and head towards the building with the Bayside Expo sign), and we're in the building to the left of the DoubleTree Hotel entrance. The entrance to the building is right off of the parking lot. The building's name is Corcoran Jennison, and we're on the second floor.

Click "Directions" on the 1199SEIU map marker to the right.

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Walking from the T:

The building:

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