6th Annual

June 25, 2016
"The Power of Inclusion"

This year’s presidential election and the Trump Phenomena made at least one thing exceptionally clear:  there is a strong under-current of division in this nation that is more than willing to bubble up to the surface with a very vile, “fend only for self” mentality.  This is not what our nation nor our state needs.

Let’s show this state what the Power of Inclusion can truly do.

BROUGHT TO LOUISIANA BY  Solidarity Project Advocacy Network
in partnership with New Organizing Institute

Come join a community of over 100 forward thinking activists in the state of Louisiana at RootsCampLA who are consciously building a cross-issue movement of solidarity. Whether your issue is worker's rights, the "suicide" of Victor White III, voting rights, education, women’s rights, transit, racial equality, LGBTQ, healthcare, or housing  - if it’s about a more equitable Louisiana, then RootsCampLA is for you.

The idea is to bring together activists of all stripes and have an honest exchange of ideas and sharing of skills. When we learn from one another, we take away new ideas, make new connections, and strengthen our work. 

This isn’t your everyday gathering; it’s an “unconference.” Instead of pre-set powerpoints and “expert” panels, participants like you design sessions and decide the program. This doesn’t mean “experts” aren’t in the room. They are — many of them are you. RootsCampLA is about fostering homegrown talent.