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Nonfiction Submission Form Instructions

Nonfiction:  Every issue includes at least one nonfiction piece dealing with some aspect of science, myth, folklore, or literature as it relates to speculative fiction, usually of the well-researched essay variety rather than opinion or editorial. Submissions are welcome as long as they deal with some aspect of fantasy or science fiction. Examples that come to mind include mythology, folklore, science as it applies to science fiction, how people lived in different time periods, book/film reviews, etc.

Story Format: Please use standard ezine format: Single space between lines, double space between paragraphs, flush left (no indentation). We prefer that italics are underlined. Length: Up to 10,000 words. Prepare your story text to copy/paste into the form below.

This form has 4-sections that expand, Click on each section to easily fill in your info. It is best to review all four sections of the form so you'll be ready with your materials prior to filling the form. The fastest, simplest way is to copy/paste your info into the appropriate form fields.

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