Wizards at Heart

A flash of light bursts  
from the wizard’s wand,
ancient powers unleashed—
a legerdemain of photons
enchanting us in the darkness
of our deepest longings.

We know the magic is not real
yet we believe it still.

We are all wizards at heart,
conjuring up gods and worlds—
even our own existence—
out of the power of mind.
We are each a wholly trinity
of word, thought, and image
endlessly inventing our lives
with new realities.
We hurl ourselves into space,
bending its fabric to fit
the models we construct.
We are tricksters of time
stretching moments to infinity.
Dinosaurs dance on Broadway
while zombies never die.

We foresee our future in heaven
while hosts of our enemies
descend by decree into hells
filled with delicious horrors.

Modern day magi, we come
bearing gifts for the child within.
We cast our spells against the sun
and tides, commanding them to stop.
And who shall say they won’t
when you’re a wizard?