Wizard’s Tome

Its opalescent cover: dragon leather overlapped
with scales shimmering oyster-shell hues
and hammered iron hinges open not to strength
but only to gentle magic and yearning.
Its runes read aloud in hissing firelight to children
pulse with life, reveal in peacock-fan display
of fables in color, of talking animals, of monsters,
of what children might become.  It dreams for them.
Teenagers, it excites with heroes who brave desert
and forest, who kill giants with fireworks and steel;
it tells of women who change nations and accept love.
In dreams, they hold the sword or knight’s homage.
For mothers and fathers, its words honor
their sacrifices, it comforts them with myths, tells
how they must behave but explains not evil.
They dream its magic will shelter their society.
For those who believe only in black and white,
it plumps meager lives with power, with meaning.
Its runes, acid ink on parchment pages, tell truths
they make lies.  They dream their righteous beliefs.
For the wise, every word is a tiny oasis
on sand-colored pages, each letter a cool sip,
sometimes water, sometimes wine, sometimes milk.
As with the children, it dreams for them.


Erik Bundy

Wizard's Tome, poem, Issue 22, March 1, 2013

Erik Bundy lives in the magical North Carolina woods where chocolate is a vegetable, female chipmunks are called chipnuns, and mice claiming to be cousins move in for the winter then take the towels when they leave in spring. The federal government pays him not to work in one of their offices. He has published thirty poems and stories in French and American magazines. He is a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop, and last year, he was the grand prize winner in Sidney Lanier Poetry Competition.  

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