What Really Happened

only the Border Collie knows

what really happened

in the matter of

Gingham v. Calico

and she's not telling

as for witness testimony—

that old clock, he'd say anything

to save face

and you know how the plate

loves to dish

no-one investigated the crime scene

the way they do on NCIS or CSI

scraps of fabric

stuffed under the chair

never got sent to the Lab

who might have sniffed out

tell-tale DNA—a perfect match

to other unsolved capers

(the disappearing duck-boot,

the missing mock-neck)

only the Border Collie knows

what really happened

to Gingham and Calico

and she's not telling

Wait! Is that a pig's ear?

And a marrow bone?

"Pull up a chair,"

she says with a knowing wink.

"I'll give you the real story."

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