The Surreal Staircase


The surreal staircase
slides like an escalator
from one generation
to the next.
Mount the
surreal staircase
at your own risk
as you would mount
some wild beast
that could break
for freedom
at any moment
or turn to devour you 
without restraint.
The surreal staircase 
moves through dimensions 
that stretch the joists 
and tendons of perception
to a breaking point.
The surreal staircase
circles back upon itself
to relive an absurdist 
moment over and again
until it is petrified
in your consciousness.
Perennial travelers
on the surreal staircase
bear the indelible stamp
of bohemian fascination.
Obsessive compulsives
on the surreal staircase
cleanse the swinging
doors of perception
until they shine
with numinous light.
Veneered celebrities
often clamber up 
the surreal staircase
merely to slide down 
its banister
over and again.
The banister
of the surreal staircase  
often splinters 
in liquid streaks
from the clasp 
of too many thighs.
The ancestral paintings 
that line the walls
become abstract 
expressions of 
their bygone selves.
Interior landscapes
can undulate
like anemones.
Step carefully now-- 
there is no carpet 
here to break your fall.
Only meringue 
and meat.