The Kitsune's Embrace



Down the gravel road she walked

Intricately carved stone lanterns lining the way

Moss covering them like creeping fingers

Here and there a flicker of orange light

Like a quivering tongue licking the night

Drums sounded in the deep of the forest

In time with each step she took

She hoped he would be there

One of the stories the locals told her come to life

Words turning to limbs

And eyes ready to engulf


She rolled the word around in her mouth

Like a sour cherry that made her shiver

Until the stone lanterns grew more dense

Like a grove of stone and fire

As she neared the top of the hill

Wind twined through the canopy of trees above as

The flapping of garments drew her gaze

There, ensconced in a corona of crystalline moonlight

He waited

His eyes blazed with amber

His pupils were dagger-thin slivers of midnight black

Sharp teeth glinted in the moonlight that surrounded him

She stopped walking as those teeth bared in a smile



His voice was warm and throaty

Full of fur and fire and ashes

She wanted to be enveloped by that voice

Wanted to be stripped bare by that voice

Wanted her heart to be devoured by that voice

His pointed ears looked razor sharp

As his head perked up

He could smell her desire

He opened his arms, kimono undulating in the wind

Her feet moved along, pulled by his raw magnetism

And she fell into his arms

The scent of incense and crushed forest leaves filled her senses

As a warm mouth covered hers

Fangs nipping her lips

Until blood ran hot and steaming between them


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