The Carousel

when the forest was silent, the carousel woke up

it was hidden amongst bristly fir trees

and glowed faintly in moonlight

the horses stretched their long narrow legs and

stamped their peeling wooden hooves

golden lion manes shook

and tiger’s eyes flashed in the darkness like

the dying embers of a fire

the two giraffes laughed at the old polar bear in his

splintering top hat

the zebra gazed enviously at the unicorn in his fading satin

a rooster with flaking feathers called into the night

entwined with the wolf’s answering howl which

scattered the sleeping squirrels from their tree side beds

the cat licked his paws

his painted eyes fixed on the swans hitched to a mint green sled

they ruffled their feathers

anxiously waiting for the dragon to awaken

his clawed feet capped with gold

scratched idly as he stirred

his wings unfurled from their tight slumber

and he shook splinters from his scales

the animals caroused and roared

filling the silent forest

with cries that had been restrained

within wood for too long

the forest creatures waited

until this frenzy of animation passed

and the sun rose softly

amongst the coos of doves

as the carousel wound down

and dewdrops formed on old wood

from the mist of dawn

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