The Book

So, you have been chosen 
to read the book of the Akashi.
Whether you have come by way
of years of study and learning,
through parchment, paper or holo-vids
or you have come seeking a bridge
across the vast chasm of your grief
or misfortune, you are welcome.

To read, you will enter a room
filled with the soft light of
both mornings and evenings.
The red lined ribbons of energy
protecting the book will part
for you and you alone and
the book will reveal itself
in the form easiest to understand - 
paper or screen or melody
or a liquid bubbling up smells,
and at first it may seem to you
either vastly confusing
or a disappointment.

Some see an endless moving sea
of symbols that wink in and out
of existence, while some see a mirror
reflecting only their own puzzled faces.
You will be allowed to stay a while,
until the symbols fall or grow
in number and achieve patterns
you can comprehend and meditate on.
You may have great truths
revealed to you, or great lies
reflected back into your emptiness.
You will know when you are done.
The single endless page of the book
will have turned either a sterile white
or an unbearably fecund uniform black.

Then, in peace, you will leave the place
of the book and wander, allowing the world
to read some of your pages.
And as the years pass and you are
emptied and filled again with the words
of living and breathing and dying,
you will at times discern a sigil
from the book in the shape of a cloud,
a matra from one of its words
framing the face of your beloved
or the sound of one of its phrases
repeated in the rush of a stream
you chanced upon alone and unhurried.
Then, you will realise for all
the gap of years since you saw
its gold-lighted pages, you are still,
in every moment of your existence,
reading the book.