The Assignation

Based on the story of the same name by Lord Dunsany.

As Fame sang in the highways
he dallied in each lane
to hold the hands and hear the plans
of women cruel and vain.

A poet saw him passing.
She watched with longing eye
as if entranced. Without a glance
Fame passed the poet by.

She forged a crown of silver
that shone and would not fade.
Within a day Fame threw away
the crown the poet made.

She made a crown of diamond.
Fame took it off and then
he danced beneath the worthless wreaths
of vain and vicious men.

She bitterly rebuked him
demanding to know why
he took her crowns and cast them down
and laughed, and passed her by.

Fame smiled and said "I love you.
In ninety years we'll wed
and I have saved a pauper's grave
to be our marriage bed."