Take Back the Dark
Take back the dark:
Clutch a star-stained mantle of stillness
In fingers cold and white with wanting;
Wrap a cloak of shadows like a shroud
Around your shoulders and tuck your dreams
In pockets deeply lined with memory,
A brooch of fancy fastened at your throat.
Take back the dark:
Stride down lanes of silent, shuttered houses
Where mists of forgetting sweep across the sea of sleep;
Glide from streetlamp pool to porchlight puddle
Wearing boots of borrowed time.
Take back the dark:
Press your palms against silvered stone
And feel the broken beat of midnight’s pulse
Echo in the empty hollow between your blood and humming bones.
Rise and dance like a moth around a bonfire flame
To the secret song of cinder-sparks and wishes,
Casting spells that climb like smoke on the midnight wind.
Take back the dark:
Defy the dreary daytime glare
Of shuttered hopes and superstition
To rule the night like a witch queen might
When she claims her moonlit throne.


Jennifer Adam lives on a farm with one husband, two teenagers, three dogs, a small herd of horses, and an entire room of books. When she’s not taming wild mustangs, hiking through the woods, driving tractors, or dancing in the moonlight, she can be found surrounded by colored pens and sticky notes. Her work has appeared in The Edge of PropinquityAs You Wish: The Loathly LadySix HensQueens and Courtesans, and a variety of horse journals. She is currently working on her second novel. 


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