Piano Waterfall

            Melody cascades like waterfalls,
            white keys tumbling, splashing,
            like froth and foam,
            black keys like rocks and stones
            water crashing, clashing, leaping into air
            creating harmony bones, skeleton chords,
            symphonic skin and musical flesh
            shimmering, shimmering,
            as if it is liquid.
            This stream of sound
            carries my ears to a cosmic ocean
            where trilobite memories
            frolic on the bed of the sea.
            Two hands reflected in black lacquer,
            fingers prance and wriggle on the keyboard
            like tarantulas dancing.
            Prancing spiders adorn waterfall boulders
            building beautiful intricate spider webs
            geometric imitations of ripples in a pond.
            Ripples spreading outwards in concentric rings
            more ripples and more ripples
            spreading out wards in concentric rings,
            beneath which…
                                                 the tadpoles dream.
            Tadpoles swimming steadily
            and trying to imagine how the frogs sing,
            genetic memories cascading like waterfalls.