Of What Do Superior Beings Dream?

I wonder,

of what do Superior Beings dream;

of what is there to dream,

once the stars have been subdued

to but a cultured string of pearls

     about their antiquated necks--

withered pale now in atrophy


the critical mass of omniscient mind:


Do they dream of emergence

from out the chrysalis of form;

of evolution into transmutative beings

with quasi-infinite vistas to explore?


And do they dream in holographs

of wondrous technologies to come?


Or, do they dream at all—

    has for them the art of dreaming died,

programmed out

    as irrational and primitive;

belonging to a lower order of sentience…

and leaving them unable to detect

     even the conscious ghost of a tear


that cannot be cried?..


I wonder,

of what do superior beings dream?