Men of valour open their bowels at the sound of her name

The beast that lies in labyrinths of fire and ash

Many foolish braves have returned from her lair

Wild-eyed with tongues ripped out

By their own teeth to tell tales of a monster

A dragon rising from a volcano to feast

On the hearts of men

Burnt hearts still beating

Desperate for revenge

Are strewn across a land scorched

By her gaze scarred by her breath

A place where even death comes to die

Where life cannot bloom as poison leaks

From her pores and acid from her womb

A winged basilisk ascending

Obsidian was born where fire meets

Water and clouds form

Volcanic glass in dark splendour absorbing night

She glitters like fire reflected on ice

Her breath is an inferno spitting out black diamonds

She is a dragon forged in a furnace

Conceived in the eclipse of moon and sun

Black sapphire soaked in squid ink to emerge

A magnificent tenebrous beast in flame

Her gaze pierces like adamantine as she shines

With the brilliance of lava cooled down then polished

And polished again to shimmer like moonstone

A black star blazing in endless night

In search of adventure and fame

Vallant follows the trail of these tales

The stench of sulphur soaks the air and saturates his lungs

Dying trees with bare limbs expose their bark

Reaching out in silent pleas begging Vallant

Warning him to turn turn back

But deaf with zeal to conquer and kill he marches on

His steps remain imprinted in ash deep and thick

Like moss in this graveyard of sequoias

Felled down by Obsidian

Mountainous monoliths loom at the gateway of her lair

Deep into the gaping gloom

Vallant descends

Sword unsheathed in his right hand

The echo of his iron-clad feet is a knell

Ringing out in the granite crypt

He enters a labyrinth of ash and fire

Fathoms deep in the tenebrous tomb

Vallant hears the scraping of four axes

Grinding against stone

And a continuous hiss of steam rising

He wavers for a moment but boldly cries

Come out and face your death

The axes fall silent

Steam enfolds him in a cloistering cocoon

But valiant as ever

Fingers trembling he shouts

Obsidian come out

A shadow glittering darker than night appears

Eyes like shooting stars pierce through thick gloom

To reveal the monster

Who calls

Her voice a clear brook from the mouth

Of a fountain trickling through verdant woodland

Rests on him serene as a pool reflecting light and sky

Who calls my name

Her question whispered tender

Caresses his ear soothing his rattled nerves

To chase away suffocation and fear

Captivated Vallant gladly yields to surrender

And lays down his sword as flares of fire usher in light to reveal

A hidden silhouette in the dragon’s form

You are no beast

But a woman enchanted

Where shadow caresses light

I see you

A princess waltzing alone

Buried in the monster I see your reflection

Beauty under a spell

Trapped in nyctophilia waiting

For true love’s deep kiss

I will free you

I touch the taste of your tears

As you weep over

This curse that has you

Locked in a cage of magnetite skin

You cannot understand

The poetry of my skin

This opal palace I languish in

All you see when you gaze and look at me

Is a bird imprisoned

But I am glorious

I am free

Come meet me in caverns of obsidious bliss

Taste dusky viscous lips as we reminisce

Reminisce and return with me to moments

When men knew love

A time before they stole my jewel and ripped my skin

Abandoning me to my true form

This fortress of fire and scales

Woo me back into the age when chivalry was true

Sit with me plunge deep

Into fathoms of breathless wonder

While I lick off your skin

As you die a little and wake

Wake up

When your metamorphosis begins

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