Love Factor #9

by Greg Beatty


The quantity: breathtaking attraction.

Divided by reason and paranoia =

Nine elements to factor out.

Love Factor #1: the perfect ratio

of breast: waist: hip. Gone.

Love Factor #2: she's like

your mother, but not

creepy close. Gone.

Love Factor #3: cuter

than your ex. Gone.

Love factors 4-6:

likes baseball / shops

alone / gets Python, so much

that she can do the dead parrot skit.

Well. Gone. Gone. Gone.

7? Her mother ages

with ripening beauty. Gone.

Love Factor #8? She

learned about this process

and did not kill you.

When the factoring

is done, that trust, that

and love, remain.

The irreducible primes

of connubial bliss.


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