Lacus Autumni

when i walk i hear the fire crackle
in my ankles and knees like walking on dried leaves
a once green shoot turned to dry gray bark
how does it feel to fall into a lake of autumn
drunk drowning in cider while all the young girls
prepare for their six months in the underworld
and the young boys are ready to be eaten by wolves
cornstalk men stand sentinel in the fields
and wicker women weave catchers for the grain
before the sickleman in the waning days
swings his crescent blade and vulcan's forge
hammer setting on the horizon
in a red october sky takes us all away
to a worker's paradise come dance with me once more
one last samhain spin, all the door
ways to the otherworld are open
apple crisp moon with bites taken from it
and the fire in the devil's hearth is lit.

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