Invisible Love

I once almost wed an invisible lad.

My mother and father were sure I was mad.

He gave me a lily, translucent and white

And he said, "I am here, only out of your sight."

We went strolling along in the bright boardwalk sun

He gave me a bear he'd invisibly won.

Oh, the hours I spent, as our courtship progressed

With my Mother and Dad and our "is-he-there?" guest.

And slowly (but quickly) with needle-sharp joy

I realized I loved the invisible boy.

So one night, I feigned a farewell at the door

And crept to my room to be with him some more.

And I didn't cry out, but I kissed him instead

When I felt the invisible boy in my bed.

And he kissed me right back, put my hands to his form

Unseen, but so beautifully, wonderfully warm.

But then-- such an awful confession to make,

It was that I made my most mournful mistake.

As we lay there entwined in our twilight embrace,

I said, "Darling, I wish that could see your face."

Though I meant no offense and had no ill-intent,

The most meaningful meanings are often not meant.

He silently rose from my arms, and I then

Never saw my invisible lover again.

Long years I have spent, seatching all the world's span

But how does one find an invisible man?

So if you should meet, in your paths wide and free

A man you can sense and can touch, but can't see,

Perhaps contemplating the heavens above him,

Would you, oh, would you please tell him... I love him.