Gil Dreamt About Zombies and Women

Gil dreamt about zombies and women, 
and in one night he lived 
for a month. His subconscious had him 
hook up with a crew that took him in; taught him 
how to shoot a rifle, and to aim for nothing 
but the head. After a few days 
he hooked up with Mira whose skin smelled like mahogany 
and spoke like fire in a windstorm. 
While looting a Wal-Mart 
they learned to dance from a book 
Gil found on the floor and
on the roof of a McDonalds, he taught her the shapes 
stars could make and she showed him the shapes they could, 
to bite down on flesh 
to keep from screaming. In a theatre, not as empty 
as he thought,
Gil used his rifle 
and learned to kill, 
learned what a trigger 
could pull from him. In a theatre 
emptier than he could stand, 
bit his rifle to keep from screaming, 
learned how “goodbye,”
 “I’m sorry,” and “I love you.” 
felt hollow between his teeth.
learned the taste of a gun barrel
and when the muzzle flashed 
woke up
learning that only hours passed, 
and that his wife
would never learn to dance with him, 
that she would never teach him how stars 
could curve around the body of a woman 
and instead wept through his fingers
longing for the sound of a fire in a windstorm 
and the smell of mahogany