Enhancements of an Imminent Kind

by Nora Weston

Cassini stares.


Carbon fiber, thermoplastic

                     skin. True, it’s

a beautiful hue, bacteria infused,

stretched upon an anthropomorphic


boasting perfectly curved

aluminum. Appears human. Almost

                  circular eye sockets,

proud to own stretch polymer

                      pupils, will dilate

with manifested delight if they

perceive the timing is right. Articulated

              spine bends with red juice,


although it might as well be green.

Envious, this machine ponders how

              to evolve to be…

              like she. A red heart

pumping warm blood manufactured

in marrow. Oh, the beauty of stem cells.

                   A skull crammed with gray


that matters more than anything. Yet,

little does Cassini realize, this human

                 has a titanium encased

                          pulse generator.

Last two discs in her back,


 Cement and electrodes play nice

              together. She walks, but aches

              for the day her vertebrae are

                          mass produced. She

adores watching autumn succumb to an

 icy storm, even if one eye is enhanced,

                              digital. Curious how

 a distant mirror will reflect

                           identical vessels.